LBTY enjoys catering for you at private events from your own bijou gathering to large charity extravaganzas and weddings. Our clients have include Mercedes Benz, Barclays, Unicef and couples that have fallen for our food at festivals.

If you are thinking of putting on an event, please feel free to contact us.

We are happy to talk through your ideas and are experts too at gluten free, dairy free, wheat free menus. Giles also enjoys creating new dishes and a special menu just for your event, he’s full of juicy seasonal ideas. Events are priced depending on distance we travel and the amount of mouths you would like us to feed. We keep our pricing as low as possible, are very good value, never compromising on using best locally sourced ingredients where possible. All our dishes are freshly cooked and served by a friendly crew. We will extend and elaborate with your ideas if you so desire.

How much? Prices vary. The more you have coming the less it is per head. You may just want coffee, or deserts, or you may want a whole show. From bacon butties to extragavant curries. We can do anything within reason that you want. Vegetarian/Vegan/Curried Goat. We do BBQ on our drum BBQ and pizza in our pizza ovens. Just ask and the chances are you will get. If you want more of a themed event with many traders this is possible. After 15 years of doing festivals and events you get to know a load of seasoned traders you do amazing things.