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    If its raining we wont be coming out. Unless the location is under cover. The same goes for harsh winter condition. Have a look on our facebook post for that day. A post will be added in the morning of the trading day. If you have bought food or pre-ordered for that day you can either be refunded or the meal will be valid for next time we are out.

    Yes we are. How much? Prices vary. The more you have coming the less it is per head. You may just want coffee, or deserts, or you may want a whole show. From bacon butties to extragavant curries. We can do anything within reason that you want. Vegetarian/Vegan/Curried Goat. We do BBQ on our drum BBQ and pizza in our pizza ovens. Just ask and the chances are you will get. If you want more of a themed event with many traders this is possible. After 15 years of doing festivals and events you get to know a load of seasoned traders you do amazing things.


    Be in the know of locations and offers.

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